A Twist On Homeschool Music Curriculum

Homeschool music curriculum

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Homeschool music curriculum

Homeschool Music Curriculum

When it comes to providing an effective music experience for our children, we are confronted with lots of questions. Some of those questions may include: What age should they start?  and What if I’m not a musician, can I teach my kids music? If you’re a homeschool family, I want to speak today directly to you and share with you the best practices when it comes to homeschool music curriculum.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, that is an undeniable fact. The challenge becomes in being able to offer your children the best educational experience possible. That is why finding the best homeschool music curriculum is vital to a successful experience. The wonderful thing about music is that it’s something that you learn together as a family. Let me share a little bit of my story growing up…

Growing Up In A Bilingual Home

I was fortunate growing up because my family, being from Argentina, spoke to me in Spanish. Being surrounded and immersed in this second language allowed me to quickly develop fluency in my earliest years. Today I read, write, and speak fluent Spanish thanks to that experience at home.

Music, much like Spanish, is a language that can be learned through exposure and immersion. Kids absorb information like sponges. Think about how many words a typical child learns every day, it’s mind boggling. If you provide your children with that same immersive experience with music, they too, will develop fluency.

The best part is that it will be something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Ann even bigger bonus is that you can learn together as a family!

Start As Young As Possible

While many schools offer music to preschoolers and kindergartners, it is almost always music and movement. That is to say, there is no true music instruction occurring. Typically, music education begins in later grades. Here’s the good news, you don’t have to wait that long!

You can begin immersing your children in music instruction from their first educational years. Are they learning their ABC’s? Perfect, then they can learn their musical ABC’s! All you need is to incorporate a simple and effective homeschool music curriculum solution. This makes it easy for you as a parent, and simple enough for your kids to understand and grow with.

Don’t Wait Until The “Right” Time

Just like anything in life, the “right” time never seems to come. If you have children that are preschool, kindergarten or first grade age, I encourage you to begin music education with them this year. If you need help knowing where to start, we are always here to help. We have been doing this for a long time and know what you need to be successful.

Play some of our songs below and find out more information:

Play Knick Knack Paddy Whack!

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As always, happy playing!



Photo by Alena Darmel


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