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What is Color Me Mozart™?

Color Me Mozart™ is a two-year homeschool music curriculum for children ages 3-6.

A complete music foundation is taught using shapes and colors making it natural for kids to learn how to read, write, play, and most importantly, develop a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Note: Parents do not need prior knowledge of music.

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Our Mission

Color Me Mozart’s mission is to take the joy of learning music and bring it to every classroom and home with an affordable and easy to use music learning system that can be implemented by any parent or teacher without prior musical knowledge.

Schools Using Color Me Mozart™

Click here to see a growing list of schools and programs using Color Me Mozart™ as well as the many countries that are bringing music education to their students.

Additionally, for schools and teachers, we also provide music education solutions for schools and preschools, including integrated and special needs classrooms.


Color Me Mozart™ began with the desperate need for a better homeschool music curriculum solution for young children. Studies have shown that music improves many non-musical benefits in children such as enhanced language development, increased IQ, higher test scores, fine motor skills, and self-confidence.

These are skills and benefits that add to the  quality of life of all children and we feel that no child should be without a musical experience. Although many classrooms and homes share music time, sadly, most do not offer early music education

The truth is that learning fluency in music is as beneficial as learning our first language.With this in mind, the dream that every child should have access to a quality and rich early musical education was born. We believe that successful children lead to successful adults. 

Adrian Edward - Color Me Mozart

"I am passionate about inspiring parents to teach and instill a love for music in their little ones."

About the founder

Adrian Edward was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in New York. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance and a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Hunter College.

As a music teacher and therapist at The Guild for Exceptional Children in Brooklyn, NY, Adrian identified the need for an accessible and effective music learning system for young children.

For over fifteen years, he has served both the special needs and neurotypical communities with his innovative teaching methods. Adrian’s approach has been widely praised by parents and educators alike for bringing the joy of music into the lives of children and their families. He has also taught at the prestigious Collegiate School in New York City and maintains a roster of private students of all ages.

In his spare time, Adrian enjoys reading, playing soccer, and solving escape room puzzles.

Our Amazing Team

Adrian Edward from Color Me Mozart

Adrian Edward

Author & Creator

Author and creator of Color Me Mozart loves sharing the joy of learning music worth the world.

Illustrator Paula de la Cruz

Paula de la Cruz


Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Paula de la Cruz has been beautifully illustrating children’s books since 2004. She loves to bring the small details of life into he characters of Color Me Mozart.

Adriana Color Me Mozart

Adriana Fernandez


Heading up our sales department, Adriana Fernandez will get your the perfect package ready for your school.

Maria Alejandra Fernandez

Maria Alejandra


Handling our marketing department and Color Me Mozart Foundation, Maria Alejandra finds great schools and programs that could benefit from the program.

Sharon Stanton - UK Mini Mozart

Sharon Stanton

UK Representative

Sharing her love of music all over the United Kingdom, Sharon is your go-to person if you across the pond.  

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