Who is Color Me Mozart™?

Color Me Mozart™ is a music education company that specializes in pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade music curriculum. Music is presented using shapes and colors until fluency is achieved in being able to read, write, and play with traditional music notation.

Additionally, we also provide music education solutions for special education classrooms.


Our Mission/Vision

Color Me Mozart's mission is to take the joy of learning music and bring it to every classroom and home with an affordable and easy to use music learning system that can be implemented by any parent or teacher without prior musical knowledge.


Schools Using Color Me Mozart™

Click here to see a growing list of schools and programs using Color Me Mozart™ as well as the many countries that are bringing music education to their students.

Adrian Edward - Color Me Mozart

I was frustrated at the lack of easy to use resources for music education for children. It was either to advanced or too simplistic. I wanted to create an easy music learning system that made it easy for parents and teachers to offer music to their kids and students. I designed Color Me Mozart™ to make music easy and fun to teach and learn.

-Adrian Edward

Adrian Edward - Creator & Author

Adrian Edward was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in New York. He fell in love with music at the age of 14 and has made it his life’s passion ever since. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance as well as his Master’s Degree in Music Education from Hunter College and has spent his entire career working with children of all ages.

As music teacher and therapist at The Guild for Exceptional Children in Brooklyn, New York, Adrian discovered the need for an easy and effective music learning system for younger children. He soon realized that taking the two things that children learn easily – color and shapes – would be the perfect starting point for their music education. Utilizing these crucially important building blocks has proven to be a powerful way to teach children the language of music in their developing years.

For the past ten years, he has served the special needs community with his innovative approach to teaching, by helping children to use music as a powerful tool to communicate. Adrian has been praised by both parents and educators for bringing music into the lives of children and their families. Adrian also teaches at the prestigious Collegiate School in New York City, and maintains a roster of private students of all ages.

Because he loves what he does, he has made it his life's mission to help kids learn music in a fully interactive, and enjoyable experience.

In his spare time, Adrian enjoys juggling, tennis, flying in VR, and perfecting his golf swing. He lives with his wife Maria Alejandra in Brooklyn, NY.

How it Started

As previously mentioned, I was a music therapist for almost ten years. One thing I noticed is that quite often, after a diagnosis, less was then expected from children with special needs. While I understood that many children with special needs had developmental delays and some were even non-verbal, they weren't being given enough chances to excel. When you expect less from children, they will do less. What I wanted was to expect more because I knew they were capable of so much more than we were giving them credit for.

One day I noticed that many, if not all, children were able to at least recognize and distinguish some colors, letters and/or shapes. I thought to myself, "if they can differentiate those symbols, why not music?" It was at that moment that I mocked up some shapes and colors and placed them in front of a few of my students. As I had expected, they were able to ring the appropriate colored bells to the colors in front of them. Then I tried it with a xylophone, then a piano to which I added stickers to.

One by one, they started playing some simple melodies. Some non-verbal children even sung their first words ever! The rest is history and I knew I had to share this with the world. Every child, regardless of any other factors, should have access to music education.

Meet the Team

Adrian Edward - Color Me Mozart

Adrian Edward

Author & Creator

Author and creator of Color Me Mozart loves sharing the joy of learning music worth the world.

Illustrator Paula de la Cruz

Paula Valeria de la Cruz


Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Paula de la Cruz has been beautifully illustrating children's books since 2004. She loves to bring the small details of life into he characters of Color Me Mozart.

Maria Alejandra Fernandez

Maria Alejandra Fernandez


Handling our marketing department and Color Me Mozart Foundation, Maria Alejandra finds great schools and programs that could benefit from the program.

Color Me Mozart - Adriana Fernandez

Adriana Fernandez


Heading up our sales department, Adriana Fernandez will get your the perfect package ready for your school.

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