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Your student's first years set the stage for the future

  • Most schools offer music and movement, but not early music education. 
  • We understand you don’t have time to find a perfect music solution and need an easy-to-implement solution. 
  • Your student’s first years set the stage for the future and they CAN start music early.

That’s why we’ve created a two-year, powerful music platform that is divided into 4 easy-to-follow levels for you and your students to thrive.

Happy Children

Thousands of happy little Mozarts

Endless Benefits

Music is proven to have benefits in all areas of a child's education

Confidence & Success

Inspires self-confidence and self-expression

Confident Children Lead to Successful Adults

4-Levels of Note Reading in Color Me Mozart™

Color Me Mozart 4-levels of note reading

Color Me Mozart™ is an easy-to-follow two-year music platform divided into 4 levels that makes it easy for you and your students to succeed with music. 

Our Music Made Simple curriculum specifically designed for your school and classroom makes it easy to implement and add to your school day. Click below for more information about how we can partner with you to bring music to your students.  

How Does It Work?

Set Up Your Classroom For Music Success

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Color Me Mozart™ takes you and your students through a two-year musical adventure divided into 4 levels. 

Complete One Lesson Each Week with your students

With every step carefully designed with you in mind, Color Me Mozart™ is easy to implement and follow along to during your school year. 

Step-by-step lessons are a breeze and super fun for your students. 

Watch their Confidence Soar!

Music has been proven to have life-long benefits for children including Enhanced Language Development, Fine Motor Skills, Improved Test Score, and self-confidence.

Every child deserves to succeed and thrive. 

Year One Color Me Mozart Bundle

A Complete Music Curriculum

When you bring Color Me Mozart™ into your classroom, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We even include everything you need for your students to have a great end-of-year recital. It’s a wonderful way to showcase your students’ progress to their parents and family.

  • Videos courses that make teaching music lessons easy and fun
  • Students learn well-known children’s songs in addition to receiving a complete music education
  • Teachers receive a comprehensive, easy-to-follow teaching manual
  • Custom recital banners available to announce end-of-year performance
  • Looking for a music solution for a Special Needs or Integrated Classroom? Click Here

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How will Color Me Mozart™ courses help your students succeed in music and in life?

Watch now to learn how easy it is to bring music to your classroom and help your students thrive with music. 

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