Music in a Special Needs or Integrated Classroom

A New Voice for Children with Special Needs

A main goal at Color Me Mozart™ is to provide music for children with autism and other special needs. Offering music to children with special needs can be very powerful. In my more than ten years as a music therapist, I witnessed  music change the lives of so many children and their families. Our music program makes it possible to bring the benefits of music into any special needs or integrated classroom.

Music has proven to be a powerful way for a child to express themselves with the world around them. In addition, music has also been shown to provide a relaxing and calming experience. For children with other special needs, including ADHD, Down syndrome and behavioral/emotional disorders, this is especially important.

How Does It Work?

Color Me Mozart™ in the Special Needs Classroom

Set Up Your Classroom For Music Success

Schedule a call with one of knowledgeable and friendly team members to get your classroom ready for music success.

Color Me Mozart™ takes you and your students through a two-year musical adventure divided into 4 levels. 

Complete One Lesson Each Week

With every step carefully designed with you in mind, Color Me Mozart™ is easy to implement and follow along to during the school year. 

Step-by-step lessons are a breeze to follow and super fun for your students. 

Watch Them Find a New Voice with Music!

Music has been proven to have life-long benefits for children including Enhanced Language Development, Fine Motor Skills, Improved Test Score, and self-confidence.

Every child deserves to succeed and thrive. 

Special Needs Color Me Mozart

Changing a Child's Life

Opening up a whole new world of possibilities

We know that it’s not always easy to introduce music into a child’s IEP or the classroom.

We understand you don’t have time to find the perfect music solution. We’ve done all that for you.

Don’t miss out – Special needs student needs music more than ever. They were meant to thrive. 

Welcome to Color Me Mozart™, a music learning platform that teachers can implement without needing prior musical knowledge.

Complete Training

A complete Color Me Mozart™ Teacher Certification ensures you are ready to lead your students successfully in music

Endless Benefits

Early music can lead to enhanced language development, fine motor skills, and social development

Confidence & Success

Inspires self-confidence and a whole new way for special need students to express themselves

Empowering teachers to lead their students

Want to offer Color Me Mozart™ in your classroom?

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They Believe In Us

How will Color Me Mozart courses help your students succeed in music and in life? Watch now to learn about the benefits of our music platform.

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