Homeschooling Together

Are you planning to use Color Me Mozart™ materials and curriculum in a group, with another person, or in a private co-op? If you’re looking to order for yourselves and aren’t an organization ordering for a school or large group, you’re in the right place! Otherwise, please return to the main groups page and explore the large group/bulk order section.

What Do I Need to Use This in a Group?

Each person needs to buy their own materials. If you choose digital, each person must purchase a digital bundle. For instance, one family cannot purchase a Year One Bundle and share it with another family that has bought a Year Two Bundle. Each family must buy the full bundle or printed books for their own use. Once everyone has their own materials, you are free to use them in a group setting.

What Isn’t Allowed?

File sharing, emailing, printing for each other, and photocopying are not permitted. Each book is licensed to one individual family only, meant for immediate household family members—not extended family like in-laws or cousins. Every family/household/address must purchase their own materials under their own accounts.

Is There a Discount for Group Use?

For large groups, please visit our large groups + schools page for more options and discounts available for bulk ordering. This is beneficial if you have 10 or more families ordering together.

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