Music Education for a Lifetime Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Sale

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Music Education for a Lifetime Cyber Monday Sale

Music Education for a Lifetime

We believe music education is something that every child should have the joy of experiencing. We also know that it may not always be easy to add music lessons to your child’s life. And if you’re a preschool, kindergarten, or first grade teacher, it’s especially hard to  add a new curriculum to an already busy and hectic year. That is why we are excited to announce this year’s best deal, Music For Education for a Lifetime.

Not only will you receive all you need to start your first full year of music education, but you will also receive free lifetime course updates. That means that every course that gets added in the future, you will have automatic access as lifetime members.

Designed For The Music Novice

Even if you are a parent or teacher that has never had a lesson before, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you had a few lessons as a kid but never continued? Don’t worry, we got your back too! Music is a lifelong experience and we are excited to not only share music education with your little ones, but also give you the opportunity to learn music with them.

Color Me Mozart Music Course

Keep in mind that music is best learned through immersion. Think about how you learned your native language growing up. You were surrounded by it. You spoke it with your family and friends all the time. When you started learning how to read and write, you did it constantly and everyone around you was there to help.

Music can be learn in the very same way. Step-by-step, as part of your natural learning process. Surrounded by it and aided by those around you. The best part is that the more you read, write and play it from a young age, the easier it is to become fluent in the language of music.

Year One Color Me Mozart Bundle

Claim Your Lifetime Bundle

Ready to get started? Let’s do this! For this Black Friday and Cyber Monday week Claim your Music Education For A Lifetime Bundle today!

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