Jazzy Jingle Bells Piano Play Along

Jingle Bells Play Along

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Time to Play Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells Play AlongI love the holidays, specifically, playing holiday music. Today I thought I would share a fun jazzy jingle bells play along. In the video below, you will Hera four beats and then I will play a jazzy version of Jingle Bells. 

After that, it’s your turn! Wait for the four count and then play the Jingle Bells melody. It’s a fun melody to play and singalong with as well. If you need the notes, you can find a Jingle Bells PDF  below the video.

The fun thing about playing this Jingle Bells piano play along is that this melody is a lot easier than you would think at first. It only uses five notes of the scale: C, D, E, F & G. It has a repeating pattern which makes it easy for children to learn. One note is to make sure you use different fingers when playing. 

Many children instinctively use one finger for all different notes. When we use all of our fingers to practice, it increases our dexterity and helps us learn more difficulty pieces in the future. 

How to Practice

One thing to take into account when playing this jazzy Jingle Bells play along is how best to practice. As we have discussed in many lessons, a great approach is to practice in small sections. This allows for an easier way to piece those sections together. 

If we try to learn an entire song all at once, it can often be overwhelming, leaving us with a longer road ahead to learn the song. Instead, try this method of practicing Jingle Bells in small sections and then put it all together

Share Your Progress With Us!

Part of what makes learning music so much fun is haring our journey with others. One of our favorite things is to share in your musical progress. Join us on our Color Me Mozart Music Instagram and share your performance videos with us!

Also consider prepping for a small recital that your family and friends can share and participate in. It creates some unforgettable memories that you and your family can have for years to come. And not to mention, it’s fun! 

As always, happy playing and we are always here with any questions or help you may need to succeed in music. 

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite

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