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Your child deserves a great music education

  • Most schools and homes don’t have access to early music education. 
  • We understand you don’t have time to find a perfect music solution. 
  • Your child’s first years set the stage for the future and CAN start music early.

That’s why we’ve created a two year, simple, yet powerful music platform divided into 4 levels for you and your child to succeed.

Happy Children

Thousands of happy little Mozarts

Endless Benefits

Music is proven to have benefits in all areas of a child's education

Confidence & Success

Inspires self-confidence and self-expression

Confident Children Lead to Successful Adults

4-Levels of Note Reading in Color Me Mozart™

Color Me Mozart 4-levels of note reading

Color Me Mozart™ is an easy-to-follow two year music program that is divided into 4-levels, making it easy for you and your child to succeed with music. 

We also have a Music Made Simple curriculum specifically designed for teachers and schools. Click below for more information about how we can partner with you to bring music to your students.  

The Step-by-Step Plan for Your Child's Musical Success

How Does it Work?

Purchase Bundle & Start With Lesson #1

In year one, you'll get everything you need including access to our Levels 1 & 2 Color Me Mozart on-demand video courses. When complete, continue onto year two with levels 3 and 4.

Watch & Complete One Lesson Per Week

Our easy-to-follow on-demand courses and Live Lesson events will give you a plan your child can easily follow to optimize the four levels of their musical journey.

See Your Child's Confidence Soar!

With a plan that’s proven to work for learning music in the developmental years of any child, you’ll be amazed at how music is easily absorbed and how your child's confidence skyrockets.

We don't just care about music. We care about your child's future.

Think your child is too young? We can tell you, the earlier you start, the better. Music is a language that is learned and absorbed like any other language. Think about your own experience growing up and learning a language. You learned it naturally, almost without realizing it. 

Think it’s too complicated? We’ve taken all the complexity of music and broken it down into easy building blocks. Even if you, as a parent, have never had music lessons, get ready ‘cause you’ll learn, too.

Think it’s just about music? Music has been proven to have benefits well beyond learning how to play an instrument. Studies show that music is linked to Language Development, Increased IQ, Fine Motor Skills, Improved Test Scores, and Self-Confidence. (PBS.org)

"I feel music should be experienced from a child's earliest years of development creating an impact that will last a lifetime."

Watch now to learn how the program works and how it can help your child succeed and become a great musician.

Adrian Edward

Founder, Color me mozart

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Music has the unique ability to open up a whole new world to children. From the simple joy of playing music to the endless benefits including better performance in school and self-confidence, not child should be deprived of a music education.  

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