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Reading Music (Sight Reading) May Be Easier Than You Think

In this week’s episode of Some Notes About Music, we’ll be talking about the importance of reading music, a.k.a. sight reading. If you’re in the process of teaching your kids how to play the piano, guitar, violin or the bassoon, the topic of reading music has definitely come up. How important is it to be able to read music? Is it necessary in order to play music?

There are certainly varying opinions on this subject but I will share my thoughts in hopes that it can clear some myths up. I also hope it will open up a desire to dive into music that much more.

Quick Music Reading Lesson

  • The 5 music lines where notes are place is called “The Staff”
  • Notes have circular heads and can either be black or white
  • Today we will learn how to read 3 notes: D, E, F
  • In music there are only 7 note letters: A B C D E F G
  • Just like any other language, the more you read, the better you get!
  • I use this free app to practice sight reading with my students

I Love Sight Reading

As I mentioned in the video, I happen to love sight reading. Just the visual aspect of music on a page makes me happy. Regardless of where you fall in the reading music debate, I hope it takes you deeper into your love of music. Like any language, the more fluently we speak it, the more we enjoy it. In fact, the more people we get to enjoy it with. Perhaps on your next travels, you can sit down with some fellow musicians and read some music together!

Have Questions?

Are you teaching your kids piano, guitar, bassoon or any other instrument? Send us a question. If you want your musical questions answered on a future episode, write us on our Instagram @colormemozartkids or Youtube @colormemozart anytime.

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