Learning All the C, D, and E Notes on the Piano Is Easy

In this week's episode of Some Notes About Music, you will learn C, D, and E notes on the piano or keyboard. Perhaps you have an old keyboard sitting in the closet or a piano in the house that never gets played. Although it's great to get lessons, you can certainly get started with today's easy lesson. The first step in playing the piano is to be able to identify the notes on the keyboard.

I'll show you how easy it is to find all the C, D, and E notes on your piano. Fortunately, the piano, as well as music itself has many patterns that are easily identifiable. Watch the lesson below and be sure to scroll down to download the PDF of May Had a Little Lamb that you can play with your kids. Teach them and then sing together!

Learn Notes on the Piano

  • Black keys are in groups of two and three
  • To the left of the two black keys is the note "C"
  • In the center of the two black keys is the note "D"
  • To the right of the two black keys is the note "E"
  • Just like any other language, the more you read, the better you get!
  • I use this free app to practice sight reading with my students

Groups of two and three black keys on the piano
learn notes on the piano C
learn notes on the piano D
E note on the piano

Play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the Piano

Now that you learned your first three notes on the piano, we can play our first song. That's right, we only need three notes! Let's play Mary Had a Little Lamb. Below you will find the notes and also you can click to get a printable PDF version of Mary Had A Little Lamb. Teach your kids how to find C, D, and E on the piano and then play together. It's so much fun to share music as a family.
May Had a Little Lamb Piano Notes

Have Questions?

Are you teaching your kids piano, guitar, bassoon or any other instrument? Send us a question. If you want your musical questions answered on a future episode, write us on our Instagram @colormemozartkids or Youtube @colormemozart anytime.

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