Keeping Kids Motivated to Practice Music | Ep. 2

Music Practice Tips for Your Kids

In today's episode of Some Notes About Music, we'll be talking about how to keep your kids motivated to practice. Teaching your kids to play the piano, guitar, violin or drums can sometimes be challenging. The scenario is quite common. Kids will show interest in playing an instrument, beg parents to get them a piano or guitar and then after a few lessons, they never touch them again. Cue parent's frustration!

I know it can be difficult sometimes to know how to get your kids to practice music. What I share in today's video are a few tips I have noticed work wonders in keeping them on track with practice.

Tips for a Great Practice Session

  • Use a timer
  • Small increments of 5 minutes per musical concept
  • Leave main song or piece for the end of practice
  • Cover at least three musical techniques per session (e.g. scales, chords, sight reading, etc.)
  • Ask your child or student to explain what they are practicing
  • Join them in practice! Sharing music as a family is priceless!

Have Questions?

Are you teaching your kids piano, guitar, bassoon or any other instrument? Send us a question. If you want your musical questions answered on a future episode, write us on our Instagram @colormemozartkids or Youtube @colormemozart anytime.

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