Twinkle Twinkle | Learning at Home | Episodes 4,5,6

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Learning from Home | Episodes 4,5,6

As our fight against this virus continues, let us continue making the most of our time at home together. With many schools, like my own, starting remote learning, we can start the week off strong learning some music. This week we will learn some new notes and how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the xylophone and piano.

This week, I decided to make one post this week to make it easier to watch all three lessons on one post. You can also download the worksheets we'll be using. I will be adding the videos as they get filmed.

Today's lesson will focus on learning our next notes on the piano: F, G, & A. Then we will use those notes to learn how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

This is a great lesson for your preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders. Most importantly, all the parents as well! Lol! Learning music as a family is a wonderful thing and we can definitely have some fun together.

I've prepared a few worksheets below that you can download and print or send to your iPad or other devices to make it easier to follow along.

What is Rhythm?

This is certainly not an easy question to answer. A fun question to ask is, "Can you describe what rhythm is?" You'll find that you'll get a whole range of answers. For a more detailed definition, check out how Merriam-Webster defines rhythm.

Tips for Learning Music

Music, just as any other language needs to be learned one step at a time. Therefore, the best way to do it is slowly and repetitively. So here are a few tips to making the most out of your music lessons. Firstly, break everything down into smaller sections. This is called "chunking" and as the word alludes to, reminds us to break things into manageable "chunks".

Secondly, have patience and don't rush. Remember, you're learning a whole new language, it's okay if you don't get it the first time. There's no rush or goal line. You are on a musical journey, no one gets a bigger prize by getting there faster. lol!

Thirdly and most importantly, have fun! I can't stress this point enough. Sadly, there are many people I've spoke to that got frustrated with learning music and gave up. I don't want that to happen to you, ever. Music is a wonderful thing to learn and very rewarding. Give it time and enjoy the process. Enjoy the time with your kids. Have fun listening to great music and fill your house with all different styles.

Printable Worksheets

Add some coloring to your learning at home. Print out the worksheets from today's lesson and have your child complete the exercises.

Click image to open PDF
Click image to open PDF
Easy to follow colorful songs
Click image to open PDF

Need more worksheets and activity pages?

To make lessons more enjoyable, we've prepared fun worksheets and activity pages for you and your child. Below you will find a link that will take you to all the worksheets. You can also click the worksheet above for today's worksheet. They are free to print and use as much as you like. You can also order a copy of the workbook anytime by visiting the Color Me Mozart™ store.

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