Staying on Track of Your Music New Years Resolutions

Music New Years Resolutions

Music New Years Resolutions

After what was perhaps the most surreal year, we have finally reached whole new year. Typically, with a new year, there comes with it a list of resolutions. A list of goals we wish to achieve in the coming year. Some of the most common are losing weight, exercising more, reading more, learning a new language, and learning an instrument. Let’s talk about how to stay on track with our music New Years resolutions.

Learning an instrument is at the top of many of our resolutions list. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the year will go by with music learning moving to the bottom of said list. In this post, I want to talk about how you can stay on track with your musical goals this year. Specifically, how you can incorporate music into your home with your children in the most fluid way possible.

Small Changes Over Time

Whenever we want to make a change in our life, studies show that small changes over time are the ones that will stand the test of time. Making drastic changes all at once is rarely effective. When it comes to music, this is also the case. So what exactly would be the best way to add music to our daly routine without overwhelm?

The first thing to take into consideration is that music is best learned in small chunks. There is no need for hour and hours of practice each and ever day. That is best reserved for those wishing to apply for the Julliard School in NYC. For the rest of us, a few minutes a day is all we need. 

Think of Music as a Language

If we think back our earliest memories of learning to speak, read and write, we may recall that the building blocks we small. First there was shape recognition. Then simple line drawing. Then came letters, and then finally, we got to words themselves. It was a step-by-step process that was repeated over and over again.

Music is no different than learning any other language. We need to digest it in small snippets over time and fluency will happen naturally. I grew up speaking Spanish and English and I am grateful for having absorbed fluency in both.

Easy to Follow Music Schedule for 2021

  1. 15 Minutes a Day of Music
  2. Singing, reading, writing and playing
  3. Instrument practice
  4. Share the time with your kids, do music together
  5. Goodbye song to transition our of music time
  6. Follow a music system like Color Me Mozart to track progress
  7. Keep music fun and most important, consistent each and every day


Staying consistent with anything is always a challenge. However, if we just make small changes over time, we will see amazing results. Decide today to include music in the daily life of your family. I guarantee you will be amazed at how far you will get over the course of this year. 

A few minutes a day, that’s all it takes!