Announcing Color Me Mozart Book 3 is Almost Here!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Color Me Mozart Book 3 is Almost Here

The process of creating is something that has always brought me immense joy. When I first began Color Me Mozart™, I couldn’t wait to share with the world a new way of learning music. When Book 1, Mozi Learns Music, was first published, I was left speechless seeing it in my hands. Fast forward a couple of years, and Color Me Mozart Book 3 is almost here! It’s called: Mozi & the Note Balloon

Our goal as a company, from the very beginning, was very simple: To bring the joy of learning music into every home and classroom. For too long, whether it was slashed school budgets or expensive private lessons, learning music was a faraway reality for many families and children. We vowed to change that and make learning music, real music, fun and accessible to every parent, teacher and child.

We Dive Deeper Into Note Reading

You may be asking, what exactly will be inside of Book 3? It’s simple, we continue our exploration into reading, writing and playing music. In level 3, although notes will retain the color scheme that your child has learned along the way, note heads will become the traditional shape and size. 

See the illustration below for a visual representation of how the four stages of note reading work. 

4 Levels of Note Reading

What Can You Expect in Level 3?

As we continue our musical journey, our main goal is to become more and more fluent in the language of music. In order to do that, we must build on top of what we’ve already learned in Books 1 & 2. 

You can expect, in addition to new note heads ore in-depth lessons in rhythm, piano and composition. Creating and composing music is essential in unleashing the inner composer of each child. In school, children are encouraged to use their imaginations in writing stories. 

With music, we want to encourage the same imagination in composition. Giving children the tools necessary to be able to compose music is as powerful as teaching them words to create stories of their own. In Book 3, we will continue adding new compositional tools for your child. The possibilities will be endless!

When Will It Be Released?

With illustrations and editing in full gear, we are expecting a launch date of mid-March. Although we are excited to get this book out to you, we want to make sure it’s perfect. Editing takes time and we don’t want to miss any detail. 

Rest assured, we will be making announcements as the date approaches with plenty of time so you can order your copy and be on the list for our first print run. In the meantime, keep playing, practicing and creating great music. I’ll se you at the next lesson. 


Mozi on Bike
Wheels on the Bus
Knitting Musical Notes
Lizzy on Scooter