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Myths About Learning Music Debunked

You’ve heard a million times, “I could never learn an instrument”, or “I’m too old or my kids are too young.” In todays show, “myths about learning music debunked” we’ll look at common myths about learning music and completely debunk them. Not only are they nonsense but if they keep you from learning an instrument, it just makes me flat out angry! 😉

Myth #1 Learning Music is Hard

This is perhaps the one that always gets me the most. The reason being is that anytime we learn something new, it will certainly bring with it certain challenges. Music is no different. However, the difference with music is you can take your time and enjoy the process. 

Myth #2 You Need to Practice Hours a Day to Become a Good Musician

I think the mantra, “practice practice practice”, has made us all assume that hours of practice of required to be a great musician. This is simply not true. Don’t get me wrong, practice is absolutely vital, however, you don’t need hours a day to become a great player. 

What you do need is a consistent practice schedule. Even if it’s a few minutes a day, it’s better to practice every day instead of a big chunk of time once a week. 

Think of it like exercise. Working out once a week for two hours is nowhere nearly as effective as working out 30 minutes every day. It just doesn’t compare for long term progress.

Myth #3 I’m too old to start learning or my kids are too young

Hogwash! This is not only a music learning myth but it’s a dangerous once. It’s dangerous because it keeps countless people from ever picking up an instrument. 

The rule is simple, if you have the desire, you’re never too old to Strat playing. And as far as your kids being too young, as long as they can recognize shapes, letters or colors, they are ready to go!

Here is a great article by PBS on the benefits of music education for children.

Myth #4 Songwriting comes quickly as magical inspiration

Creating music is like creating anything else, anyone can do it. In the same way we encourage children to draw and paint, we should also be encouraging them to create music. 

That is why I am so adament about learning to read and write music. Once you can speak the language of music, creating it becomes much easier. 

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