Will Learning Music Make My Kids Smarter?

Will Learning Music Make My Kids Smarter?

It’s a question that every parent asks themselves. Does learning music make my kids smarter ? It’s most definitely a legitimate question and one that deserves an answer. Clearly this is a massive topic and one that goes beyond one podcast. However, we will take a quick dive into this fascinating topic and see what we can come up with.

First of all, I believe the articles and papers we discuss in today’s episode of Let’s Talk Music will surprise you. I know for a fact that they blew me away when I read them. Furthermore, I still continue to discover more and more research that is absolutely astonishing when it comes to the topic of music education. Specifically in how it relates to a child’s early development.

Following the Research

My main goal with this podcast was to not really on any emotional plea in favor of this argument. Additionally, I wanted to make sure we looked at the scientific evidence. 

I was open to the possibility that perhaps the science would point in a different direction than my assumptions. We will look at two studies and a fascinating article from the New York Times.

So let’s look to see if learning music will make your kids smarter.


Obviously, we cannot make hard-line conclusions from just a few studies, however the evidence points in a promising direction. I was pleased to read that music has the potential to inlufence our lives in such a profound way. That music can and does change who we are from the first stages development all throughout adulthood. 

I hope you enjoyed our journey today. What are your thoughts on the role of music in your own life? How has it changed you or influenced your life?

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