Musical Activities for Children with Special Needs

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Musical Activities for Children with Special Needs

Musical activities for children with special needs help them to improve social-emotional and academic learning. Grounded in creative teaching methodologies, Color Me Mozart incorporates specific activities for children with special needs that will help your child in and outside of the music classroom. Here’s how.

1. Color Me Mozart musical activities for children with special needs use shapes and colors to not only develop your child’s ability to learn and read music. It also help them begin to recognize abstract concepts.

The concepts of shapes and colors may be difficult to grasp for children with special needs or developmental delays because they are abstract concepts. Most of these children are concrete thinkers, so shapes and colors are sometimes not easy for them to understand. Rather than skipping over these concepts, Color Me Mozart taps into your child’s full musical, artistic, and academic potential.

By providing activities for children with special needs that actively incorporate the use of shapes and colors, we provide them with a rare opportunity to learn difficult concepts while having fun and interacting with the world around them.

2. Color Me Mozart has developed a variety of musical activities for children with special needs that may help improve fine motor skills.

Like shapes and colors, musical instruments may be difficult for children with special needs to navigate because of their abstract nature. The manual dexterity required to play certain instruments also complicates learning music for some children with these cognitive challenges. For this reason, Color Me Mozart activities for children with special needs use percussion instruments such as the xylophone and piano.

For autistic children especially, percussion instruments and rhythms can improve their ability to pay attention to tasks at hand. Research on percussion-based music therapies with children on the spectrum has found positive clinical outcomes. As such, Color Me Mozart sells music sets and bundles that include special-made, perfectly-tuned xylophones in addition to keyboard and piano stickers for your child.

In fun packages, we provide everything you and your child need to fine tune their motor skills to make them the best that they can be in and outside of the classroom!

3. At Color Me Mozart, we believe that educational music activities for children with special needs are an essential part of improving their social and emotional skills.

Special needs children may also have difficulties with navigating social interactions. Verbal and nonverbal communication may be especially difficult for children who are on the autism spectrum. However, musical activities may help these children bond and communicate with their peers, parents, and teachers in an enjoyable way.

Additionally, the use of musical rhythm encourages them to engage and develop nonverbal communication skills (physical movement, expressions, and mannerisms) as they vibe along the beat of the music.

In Color Me Mozart’s musical activities for children with special needs, we teach your children popular songs such as Baby Shark. Other songs include Jingle Bells and even the ABCs on the xylophone and piano. By using these well-known tunes to teach music to your special needs child, we create an opportunity for them to develop essential social skills as they sing along and bond with their peers in their music class.

Social Skills

Because verbal and nonverbal communication are transferable skills, your special needs children will be able to use the social skills that they learn outside of the classroom as well. As our programs are also designed to engage parents in the learning process, Color Me Mozart’s musical activities for children with special needs create a unique opportunity for you to learn music alongside them.

Color Me Mozart believes that children with special needs have more potential than we give them credit for. Our mission is two-fold: 1) to engage these children in an enjoyable, interactive process of musical learning and 2) to improve their social-emotional interactions, academic potential, and fine motor skills. For an affordable price, we can help your child show the world the light that they truly are.


Music has the power to transform a child’s life. In the life of a special needs child, this is especially true. Making available new methods of learning and paths to communication enriches a child’s life tremendously.

If you have a special needs child, consider bringing music into their lives. We have seen so much joy and benefit come to not only the child, but to the entire family. It is often difficult to find activities that children will connect to but music has a special way of drawing a child in.

There have been studies that show that we all have special neural pathways in our brain that are specifically dedicated to music. These are different from pathways that identify everyday sounds. These are neural pathways that are there to recognize music and only music. That is powerful and our bodies way of letting us know just how important music truly is.

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