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Music Lessons for Kids

This school year is going to be different. There is little doubt about that. With the state of the entire world around this pandemic, education has been turned on it’s head. Zoom became a household word. remote learning became the norm, and teachers and parents struggled to make sense of it as the school year approached. For us music teachers, the big conundrum was how we could offer great music lessons for kids remotely?

Was it possible to offer the same level of artistic expression and detailed instruction via a computer screen? I must admit that at first I didn’t think it was possible. However, after an entire Spring and Summer of teaching remotely, my views have changed. Technology has come a long way in the past five years.

High speed internet is now more common than not. Many homes have multiple devices with the ability to stream high quality video piano lessons to students. That is not to say that it’s a perfect system. Technology often fails, not to mention there are countless families and homes that cannot afford high quality devices and internet connections.

Moving Forward Musically

In order to assure that all families and children receive music education this year, we need a new approach. Music lessons for kids add an incalculable value to their lives. Just as any academic subject brings value, so do the arts and music. 

We at Color Me Mozart™ feel that now is the perfect time to bridge technology and music education. With online music courses mixed in with live weekly lessons, we feel we have the perfect match to bring music into every home. 

Making it affordable is also a key element to the success of any remote learning program. We have been able to strip away any additional costs associated with private tutoring. That way, we can bring musically rich interaction to every child and give them the music foundation they deserve. 


Music means the world to us and we know it means the world to many others. It unites us in a common language filled with emotions, memories and experiences. That is why we are donating a music membership for every one purchased. We feel no home should go without music this school year. 


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