Mozi Gets Animated in Twinkle Twinkle Singalong!

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Watch it on Youtube, click here! –> Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Singalong

Mozi Gets Animated in Twinkle Twinkle Singalong

It is a very special day here at Color Me Mozart. After lots of hard work and long hours, our beloved Mozi, has sprung to life in our first animation video! Mozi is also joined by his mascot, Sali, as they fly through the skies and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Truth be told, I have been wanting to animate Mozi and the gang for as long as I can remember, however, animation is a another world unto itself. We partnered up with some amazingly talented animators and share our vision with them. They took that idea and ran with it. We are so pleased with the result and couldn’t be happier to share this first animation with all of you.

What’s Next for Mozi and the Animation Team?

Rest assured, this is just the beginning of the animation road for us. Coming up soon will be not only more singalongs, but also the Mozi Music Show where the gang goes on some amazing musical adventures. This has been a vision of mine from the very beginning of creating Color Me Mozart. That’s why we took the first step in Mozi gets animated in Twinkle Twinkle Singalong.

Making learning music fun is at the core of our philosophy here. For too long, music has been relegated to private lessons, specialized schools and, let’s face it, considerable investment. Additionally, when we learn our native language growing up, many of those barriers don’t exist. You are simply immersed in that language.

Music should be no different. If we surround children with music, immersing them in learning how to read, write and play it, they will Gian fluency organically. Also, one amazing side effect is that parents can also learn alongside their children. What can be better as a family activity than to share music. Creating, singing and even writing original music as a family.

How You Can Help

As you already know, our goal here at Color Me Mozart® is to share music with every household and classroom possible. We can always use your help to spread the word. Subscribe to us on YouTube and Instagram, and share music education with those around you. Please consider becoming a Color Me Mozart Member to help us continue producing valuable music education content for kids to enjoy.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Singalong

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