Cyber Monday Kids Music Education Sale

Color Me Mozart Cyber Monday Sale!

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Cyber Monday Kids Music Education Sale

Teaching your kids music can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Finding a private teacher, deciding when to start and on what instrument are all important questions to answer. That is why we are so excited to announce our Black Friday / Cyber Kids Music Education Sale. For a limited time you can join the Color Me Mozart family and get an additional 25% discount on memberships and receive a Free Mozi Tote Bag and Piano Stickers.

At Color Me Mozart, we believe that the younger children start learning music, the easier it is to absorb. Like learning any language, the simplest way to learn is through immersion. When you think of having learned to speak your dominant language growing up, it was all around you. It was practiced every day and you were allowed to explore and create your own thought and sentences.

Learning music should be intuitive and fun like learning any language at home.

Learning Music Should Be Fun and Intuitive

Music functions exactly the same way. We want every child to have all the elements necessary to read, write and create their own music. To speak it fluently and naturally. The older we get, the more difficult it is overcome the learning curve of learning a new language. The benefits of music have long been proven in the lives of young people and their development.

This holiday season, we wanted to remove any barrier of being able to offer your kids a great musical education experience. That is why we are offering our cyber Monday kids music education sale this season. There is no reason to not give the gift of music.

You will have access to all videos, printables and resources to offer an incredible musical experience to your kids. Additionally, you will be able to participate in our weekly live music lessons and singalongs. Furthermore, you can ask questions, have a blast and enjoy some real music together with Adrian Edward.


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