Live Music Lessons Coming 5 Days a Week!

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Live Music Lessons 5 Days a Week

Yes, you read that correctly. Starting Monday, September 28 at 1:00PM EST, Color Me Mozart™ will be going live every weekday. That’s right, live music lessons 5 days a week. This idea has been in the works for quite a while, however logistically it was not happening. 

Fortunately, We’ve overcome many of the tech hurdles in our way and our ready to begin next Monday!

Importance of Music Education

This year has been like no other in recent history. Academically speaking, schools have fought an uphill battle regarding re-opening following 6 months of shutdowns. Each state and school district has to come up with plans that protected the safety of the students and teachers. Additionally, they have had to listen to parents concerns and provide academic integrity for student’s educational experience. 

Clearly, this is no easy task. In fact, it’s a monumental task with no win-win scenarios on the horizon. Music and the arts were understandably going to be brushed aside for the time being until a sense of normalcy was regained. I say understandably only because music and the arts are subject that require the use of tools and instruments that many students will touch throughout the day. This makes it difficult to follow strict hygienic protocols necessary against the fight with COVID-19.

Making a Music Pathway

That is why at Color Me Mozart™, our goal was to make sure that music was not a forgotten subject this year. Remote music learning has become the most effective option for many schools and households. Bringing music lessons into each home for Pre-schoolers, kindergartners, and first graders was going to provide those students with a critical musical foundation that they can continue in their later years. 

Notes, rhythms, music terminology, movement, and singing all play an important role in the early educational experience of a child. This year doesn’t need to be any different. That is why we are offering live music lessons 5 days a week. This gives families a music curriculum they can connect with, regardless of which day works best for them. 


Music can remain an important subject this year. Join us any weekday that works with your family’s schedule. Best of all, lessons will be recorded and you can watch them again if you need to review. Also, ask questions that we will personally answer live after each lesson during the mailbag segment. 

Ready to start playing music?

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