Exciting Preschool Music and Why it’s Valuable

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Baby Shark Piano Notes

Exciting Preschool Music and Why it Even Matters

There is little else in life that unites all of humanity the way music does. It is perhaps even instinctual. Every country, every culture, and every language has a form of music that plays a vital role in their traditions. The language of music is certainly a powerful one. Today I want to discuss the value in exciting preschool music for your kids and why it even matters in the first place.

Music is music right? Well, that is a tricky question to tackle. However, I firmly believe that although being exposed to music at an early age is of tremendous value, actually learning to speak, read and write the language of music deepens the experience tenfold.

What is the Language of Music?

This may be the first important question to tackle. What exactly is the language of music? Certainly we all, for the most part, grow up surrounded by music itself. It’s not that we aren’t exposed to music, it’s that we are not exposed to becoming fluent in music. I’ll delve deeper.

Imagine if you will, that instead of learning how to read and write your primary language, you only listened to your teachers and parents read you stories. Now continue this scenario all the way into adulthood. Although you would have gained the insight, enjoyment and knowledge from what you read, you would be a sever disadvantage since you yourself could not write, create or read stories on your own.

It’s easy to see the tragedy in this scenario. As we move this comparison to music, we see how much deeper our relationship and connection to music and creativity in general could be if we actually spoke, read and wrote music. What we need is engaging preschool music for kids to look forward to learning music.

Benefits of Preschool Music

We’ve all heard that there are benefits beyond playing an instrument when it comes to learning music. Is it actually true? Does learning music at an early age actually aid in academic studies later in life?

We’ve read many studies that attest to this. You can read this wonderful music article by PBS.org that confirms the amazing benefits of music later in life. Beyond the academic benefits, music education also helps children have a more well-rounded educational experience.


In conclusion, I want to leave youth practical tips on how you can incorporate music education in your own kids’ lives. In the same way you already know how to read, write and speak when you first introduce your kids to these educational elements, it is a good idea for you, as the parent, to also know music.

I know it may seem overwhelming to learn music as an adult, however, I assure you it’s anything but. We have designed an intuitive, immersive method for learning music. Combining art, music, writing, and reading all in one brings all of the educational techniques that children are already doing in school.

Adding preschool music instruction is as easy as adding any other skill to your child’s educational experience.

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