Color Me Mozart™ Kickstarter Update | The Xylophones are Coming!

Adrian Edward - Color Me Mozart™ Kickstarter

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We Want the Best Music Education for You and Your Kids

Color Me Mozart™ Kickstarter Update: When I first began creating Color Me Mozart™, I knew the journey would take me through a creative path that zigged as much as it zagged. I also knew that I wanted to create music education resources for you that were of the highest quality. Quality was an area that I would refuse to bend on. When it comes to music, your experience is completely dependent on the quality of the instruments or books you are using. The new Color Me Mozart™ xylophones are the quality I knew you deserved.

I had two main objectives. One was to offer a colorful, fun and easy to use music learning system that taught you music the way you learned your first language. The second was to provide instruments that were the highest quality possible, even if it was a simple xylophone!

Mission of Music Education to All Schools

We are also excited because the main mission here at Color Me Mozart™ is to offer great music education to all schools and homes. In NYC, as I imagine in many cities, music and art programs are among the first to suffer budget cuts. We know it’s not always easy to hire a full-time music teacher. That is why I created Color Me Mozart™ to make it easy and affordable for any school or program to offer music lessons.

The power of music cannot be overstated and I feel it is possible for every student and child to receive, at the very least, a foundational music education. This will lay the groundwork for any future instruments or music development they may encounter later in their education.

Music, Like Riding a Bike, is Forever

One of my favorite things about music is that, like any other language or skill, it’s something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. While it is true that practice will make you better on your instrument, having a musical foundation will stay with you forever, like learning a language. Even if it’s been years, you can revisit it, refresh your knowledge and continue.

That is why I believe learning music when we are young is of upmost importance. Our developmental years are critical in absorbing knowledge that will remain with us for years to come. Even learning something as simple as the notes on a piano will open up a world that wold otherwise be invisible. Let’s celebrate music education and bring it to everyone.

If you know a school, program or home that would benefit from music education, please share Color Me Mozart™ with them and help bring music into every child’s life.

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