Xylophone for Kids

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Xylophone for Kids

I have always been a fan of mixing play with learning. Not that there’s anything wrong with playing solely for fun. However, if we can create an environment for kids where they learn and play simultaneously, all the better. That’s where the simplicity of a xylophone for kids comes in. A seemingly simple instrument, it actually holds quite a treasure trove of potential knowledge.

Another instrument that shares similar qualities is the recorder. To be completely transparent, I have never particularly liked the recorder. I have nothing against it per se, I just have an issue with how late it is introduced into the school curriculum. Typically, here in the US, children will be introduced to the recorder in the third or fourth grade.

The Recorder in the School System

The recorder, for those that may not know, is a simple flute-like instrument. It is the instrument of choice due to its ease of use and affordability since large quantities are needed for each school. It’s also at this time that learning how to read music is introduced to students. Don’t misunderstand my critique of the recorder, I am grateful that any music instruction at all is given in schools.

However, my only wish is that music education be introduced sooner. I share the viewpoint of Shinichi Suzuki, who was the founder of the amazing Suzuki method. Suzuki believed in creating an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment of acquiring a native language.

I, too, share this philosophy with Suzuki. I was fortunate in growing up in a two-language household. I know, first hand, that learning a new language is intuitive and organic if we learn it early enough. Music is no different. It is a language like any other. We learn to read, write and interpret it. How powerful would it be if every child is exposed to music education in the first few years of life? They would grow up learning music as fluently as their native language spoken in their house.

Earlier Introduction of Music

Introducing the xylophone. The xylophone for kids is a much better fit for early music education. First and foremost, the xylophone is an instrument that is simple to interact with. The colors are vibrant and each one is easily distinguishable from the next. Even if a child does not know which notes there are playing, they can still create sound.

Additionally, the xylophone, if correctly tuned can be a perfect instrument to sing along with. Connecting each color to a particular sound creates a recognition that is powerful in the child’s mind. In the same way a child learns phonetically how to speak and repeat sounds from his parents, music can also be replicated aurally. This allows for a smooth integration and immersion into the language of music.

Another rarely spoken benefit of introducing music early is the child’s life is that the parent can also learn music simultaneously with the child. The connection that language creates between parent and child is immeasurable. With the addition of the language of music, another avenue of connection is formed between parent and child. One that they will share their entire lives.

Bringing Music Into Your Home


If you are ready to introduce the wonderful world of music to your child and family, the Little Mozart Music Set is the perfect choice. It comes with everything you need to get started including two Books, Xylophone, Stickers and a free membership of online support that will guide you every step of the way.

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