The Pathway to Success in Music? | A Grit Review

The Pathway to Success | Podcast Ep. 2

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a magical, perfect pathway to success for our kids? A sure-fire plan to guarantee that success in everything from athletics to academics would be assured? Today we explore some interesting ideas on the subject.

In today’s podcast, we review a wonderful book called Grit by Angela Duckworth. In it she approaches success and failure in a scientific way and what she discovers is fascinating. She analyzes the character traits and habits of what separates those that follow through and succeed and those that give up on things half way.

A Great Discussion

What I enjoyed about this book is the amount of great discussions that it inspires. It’s been fascinating hearing so many different experiences growing up. We all have knowledge of what worked and what didn’t in our experiences. It’s important to share these with those around us.

We can always learn more about what approaches work and which don’t while recognizing that everyone is different. While there are never absolute answers, I feel Angela Duckworth offers compelling evidence of concepts that are certainly worth considering. 


What has been our experience growing up? What do you feel worked and what didn’t? Personally, I found myself identified with amen examples in the book. Specifically, those that dealt with not seeing activities through to their concussion. I gave up on too many things assuming they were not for me. 

Looking back, I really there is something o be said for completing what we set out to do. It develops a stronger character that allows us to be confident that we are individuals that finish what they start. 

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Grit by Angela Duckworth

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