Mozi Plays the Xylophone! March Kickstarter Update

Mozi Plays the Xylophone

Mozi is finally playing the xylophone! Good Monday morning to all! For those of you reading this that woke up to snow this morning, all I can say is "Spring get here quick!" New York had a light snowfall last night, yet however light it was, the Department of Education felt it necessary to close schools today. I am sure much to the delight of children everywhere!

Remember waking up and finding out that school was closed? There was no better news than that. Only Summer break trumped a snow day. In any case, to all the kids out there, congrats on a free day. To all the parents, I hope rescheduling a million things hasn't turned the day upside down. Now go out sledding and have some fun!

Color Me Mozart Xylophone Update

With my weather update out of the way, I am happy to announce a March Kickstarter update! The xylophone has been designed, box and all, and has been sent to the manufacturer. We have over 4,000 xylophones on the way and we are thrilled to get them into schools and programs all over the world.

The Color Me Mozart Xylophone, as you many know, lines up with the books and all materials. This will make it easy for any child to learn any of the songs and musical concepts in the books. Additionally, xylophones are visually pleasing and easy to understand. This makes it an ideal instrument for a teacher to use in a classroom setting with their students.

We know that the xylophone has historically been seen as a toy rather than an actual musical instrument. We aim to change that. The xylophone is in fact a beautiful instrument that is used in real compositions and is related to the Marimba and Vibraphone. In fact, the only difference between the three is in range of notes and types of materials used to make them. You see, this xylophone stuff is the real deal!

This has been our mission from the beginning. To make sure that your child or students have real music education that they can build upon in the future. Whether they want to learn violin, piano or the drums later on, they will have the foundation necessary to excel and grow. Much like knowing how to read and write is a precursor to being a great writer, we feel a great music education provides similar tools.

Book #2: Mozi and the Musical Lines Update

Our new book, Mozi and the Musical Lines is more than halfway done. Color Me Mozart is a system that gradually teaches children the rules of music. In this new book, Mozi will teach the musical 'staff' which we've renamed to "Musical Lines" to make it easier for children to follow the concept. It is on these musical lines that we will newly place our shapes and notes.

Step by step, children will learn how to read and write music without even being aware of the process. Just as you and I learned to read and write out own native language, music can be learned exactly the same way.

So What's Next?

As we wait for the xylophones to arrive and put the final touches on book #2, we are doing anything but twiddling our thumbs. A new songbook, workbook and book #3 is already in the works. We are excited that you are part of this journey with us in sharing the gift of music with children.

Please share any musical stories you have with us through the contact page above or on our instagram @colormemozartkids. We love to share your stories with the world, you never know who will be inspired to learn music because of your story.

Happy playing!

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