Joy to the World Piano Notes and Xylophone Lesson

Joy to the World Piano Lesson

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Joy to the World Piano Lesson

Joy to the World Piano Notes and Xylophone Lesson

Are you ready to play one of the greatest Christmas melodies of all time? In today’s lesson we will learn the Joy to the World piano notes and also play it on the xylophone.

According to Wikipedia, Joy to the World is a popular Christmas carol, with words by Isaac Watts. The words of the hymn are based on Psalm 98, Psalm 96 (verses 11 and 12) and Genesis Chapter 3 (verses 17 and 18). As of the late 20th century, “Joy to the World” was the most-published Christmas hymn in North America.

The great thing about Joy to the World is that it utilizes all the notes we have learned so far. Even High-C! Remember to break the melody up into smaller sections. We call this “chunking.” Playing small chunks makes it easier to break down a longer piece into smaller sections. 

Also, be sure to start slow and build up speed over time. You don’t need to rush. Part of the fun of learning music is enjoying the process. 

Parents & Teacher Can Play the Chords

I’ve also included the chords to accompany this melody. You can play the chords on a guitar, or piano. The great thing is that since the xylophone is perfectly in tune, you can sing along with any other instrument. I wanted to make sure that music could be shared as a family together. 

There is nothing more rewarding than learning and sharing music. Have a blast and we love to see how you’re getting along, so be sure to share your progress on our Instagram.

 Ready to Play More Holiday Classics?

At Color Me Mozart, we love the holiday and Christmas season. That is why we are always adding more great holiday songs. Try this Jingle Bells piano and xylophone lesson for your next musical challenge!

Want Your Child to Learn Piano and Music?

For more information into the Color Me Mozart™ music curriculum, click here to find out more. Your child can learn music, piano and xylophone with real music education that they can apply to any instrument in the future. Give the gift of music to your child or students.

Here at Color Me Mozart™, we believe every kid has the ability to learn to music. Most importantly, we feel that every child should have the opportunity to learn music, piano or any other instrument. In addition, music is such a rich language that helps with cognitive, emotional and social development.

That is why we created a curriculum that was not only effective in teaching music and piano, but also affordable to add to any home or classroom.

Are Your Kids Ready to Learn Music

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