Is a Summer Music Program Even Necessary?

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Summer is officially here. School is almost out for most of our students, the sun is raising temperatures and most importantly, Summer vacation has begun! There is no happier time for kids than knowing that Summer vacation is about to start. Two glorious months of hanging out, going to the beach and having a blast. The challenge for many parents is how to fill up the Summer with some educational opportunities in addition to having fun. Perhaps even both at the same time? Today we’ll discuss the importance of a Summer music program. Pros, cons and everything in between.

Okay, I fibbed a bit, there aren’t many cons, but I’ll try and be fair and view it from different angles.

A ‘Con’ of Summer Learning

Let’s start with an easy con, at least from the perspective of a kids mind. It’s Summer and who wants to study anything? While I may have shared that sentiment when I was young, I do remember always having various fun Summer projects and activities every year. Whether it was playing sports or saving up money for a telescope, there was plenty of activity happening. So while I think most kids want to just have fun over the Summer, they still instinctively choose healthy and beneficial activities.

The Many ‘Pros’ of Summer Music Learning or Any Academic Activity

If you ask any parent or teacher, I think most would want their kids to choose some academic activities over the Summer break. Anything to keep the mind active and learning like reading or attend a science camp or even play music. What’s particularly interesting about adding music to the Summer break is that most, if not all kids, love music already. Well, at least listening and singing along to it anyway.

The goal is to add music education to the Summer break. The amazing thing about learning music is that it ticks off so many boxes for what makes an activity both enjoyable and developmentally beneficial. When learning music, studies have shown that there are countless benefits ranging from:

  • Brain Growth
  • Language Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Memory, Attention, and Concentration
  • Increased Coordination (and better than video games!)
  • Social Skills

Bring Kids Together

One of my favorite aspects of music is being able to play with other musicians. Much like sports, music is unique in that you can come together and create a completely new experience when shared with others. A solo piano or guitar piece is fun, but have you ever played with drums and bass? That’s when it gets really fun! Music has that power. It moves us in so many ways and creates memories that we carry forever.

Being able to be a part of the creation of those moments is a tremendous gift you can give your kids from the very beginning of their education.


In full disclosure, loving music so much, I will always advocate for the joy and benefits of learning music and brining music education into the lives of young children. Music is such a special part of all of our lives and being able to read, write and create your own music carries with it a very special gift that we, as musicians, take with us all of our lives.

There are many choices this Summer when it comes to your kids’ activities, but we hope that you consider a Summer music learning experience as a viable choice. Check your local community for music camps and opportunities, you won’t be disappointed.

We are always here to help you on your musical journey. Join us anytime! 


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