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The Color Me Mozart™ xylophone makes it super easy to play all the songs in the accompanying books. It is a perfectly tunes C-C xylophone crafted in metal and wood that sounds as good as it looks. It comes with a music card with Baby Shark and Mary Had a Little Lamb to get you and your child up and playing.

  • Vibrant colors match directly to songs!
  • Perfectly tuned C Scale C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C
  • Includes music card with Baby Shark & Mary Had a Little Lamb Notes!
  • Colorful Piano/Keyboard Stickers turns any keyboard into a music learning possibility

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September 7, 2023

From the moment I became aware of Color Me Mozart, I appreciated the level of equity and accessibility that was been built into the fun learning experiences. Music reaches across the many divides that exist, and it unifies us. Opening the eyes of children and families to their own ability to express themselves creatively, without pressure, while having fun as they learn!? It’s a win for everyone!

August 28, 2023

Color Me Mozart is a wonderful tool to teach young children the beginning fundamentals of musical learning! From playing the piano and learning music theory, the colorful illustrations and accompanying worksheets really get the attention of little minds and are easy to use! My 6yr old son has been using Color Me Mozart in our homeschool setting for a little over a year now, and he really enjoys the guided music lesson videos as they are easy to follow.

When I first implemented Color Me Mozart into our homeschool music room, I started off by purchasing the Level 1 book, along with the piano key note stickers, and couldn’t believe how easily my son was able to grasp what he was learning. They piano key stickers are an ingenious way to teach children the notes, and the books come with worksheets that are not overly complicated and are simply fun for a child to do, and all of that combined furthers the child’s knowledge of music.

The books contain a vast collection of musical pieces perfect for small children, and my son looks forward to learning along with C.M.M every day!

Michelle G
August 16, 2023

The box came with course and activity books that are amazing and include a lot of pictures and fun facts. My daughter is 2,5 and loves the xylophone (also in the kit). She is so eager to practice piano each day, I couldn’t be happier with the set.

Ksenia B
June 25, 2020

It was so emotional to see our son R.V. to learned how to played the piano without any crying and frustration. Our son R.V. is autistic and nonverbal. He loves numbers and Adrian used this method to teach him the different notes thru numbers, colors and shapes. Thank you Adrian for your patience, dedication and your passion for music. R.V. mastered Level 1 and here we come level 2.

Aida T
April 30, 2020

I am so glad someone recommended this book for my son. It’s a fun book that is so easy to follow. The use of colors and shapes are such a smart way for kids like my son to learn. He now loves to play, and instead of spending time playing video games he using that time to learn an instrument. ColormeMozart is a great introduction for kids to the world of learning music. Even my wife and I have learned from the book. I highly recommend it.

George T
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