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Music Education for Your School

We make it easy to bring music education to your school and classrooms. It is no secret that offering music and art programs can provide innumerable cognitive, social and emotional benefits to children. Studies have shown time and time again that students exposed to the arts have more overall success in their educational careers and adulthood. Color Me Mozart™ is the perfect music education solution for all grades from Pre-K through 2nd grade as well as special needs students of all ages.

Fits Into Any School Budget

Funding for arts programs, however, typically are the first cut in school budgets. That is why at Color Me Mozart™, we wanted to create an easy to follow, easy to implement Music Education System (MES), that can be added to any classroom, program or IEP. With no need for a dedicated music instructor, any teacher or therapist can teach the basics of music intuitively and naturally as they would any other language.

Complete Music Curriculum

When you bring Color Me Mozart™ into your school, we've got you covered every step of the way. We even include everything you need for your students to have a great end of the year recital. A wonderful way to showcase your students progress to their parents.

  • Sequential books with well known children's songs.
  • White board with magnets makes it easy for teacher to teach concepts from front of class.
  • Easy to follow teaching manual.
  • Perfectly tuned Color Me Mozart™ xylophones make it simple for all students to perform together.
  • Free website membership with access to free videos, activity sheets and other teacher resources.
  • Free custom recital banner for your school.
  • Free printable recital posters & flyers

Bring Music Education to Your School

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