Music Education Pricing

Color Me Mozart™ Education Pricing

Available to all schools, programs and institutions, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.
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Color Me Mozart Level 1: Mozi Learns Music

Level 1: Mozi Learns Music

The foundational book, suitable for Pre-schools, elementary schools,
special needs programs/classrooms and homeschooling.

Level 2: Mozi and the Treble Clef

Level 2: Mozi & the Treble Clef

Level 2 continues teaching more in depth musical
concepts such as the Treble clef, Double Bars and the Musical Staff

Color Me Mozart Book 3

Level 3: Mozi Learns Rhythm

In Level 3, Mozi takes us through the adventure of rhythm. Notes are also given oval heads and are level closer to reading professional music notation.

Color Me Mozart™ Music Workbook

Color Me Mozart™ Workbook - Levels 1 & 2

Workbooks are a great way for each student to complete worksheets that review and reinforce each lesson. Plenty of colorful drawing, playing and listening exercises. Certificates of completion are included for each level.

Color Me Mozart Songbook

NEW! Color Me Mozart™ Songbook

Our new songbook includes over 35 songs of all your favorite nursery songs. Old Mac Donald Had a Farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells and more!

Color Me Mozart™ Xylophone

Color Me Mozart™ Xylophone

Perfectly tuned xylophone with matching colors to all
songs in the Color Me Mozart™ series makes it easy to
teach students how to play nursery songs.

Key Stickers for Piano or Keyboard

ABC Key Stickers for Pianos & Keyboards

Easily turn any keyboard or piano into a music teaching tool with
these colorful ABC stickers. Colors and shapes match all songs and
lessons in the Color Me Mozart™ series.

Color Me Mozart Flash Cards

Color Me Mozart™ Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great way to make retaining lessons fun and easy.

52 beautifully illustrated flash cards cover notes, music vocabulary, music games and instruments.

Color Me Mozart™ Music Staff Whiteboard with Magnets

Music Staff Whiteboard w/ Magnets

The music staff whiteboard with note magnets makes it easy to teach from
the front of the classroom with easy to see brightly colored magnets.

Education Membership

All Access Membership
$69.95 per year
$29.95 ea. additional 

We understand the importance of resources when teaching music. That is why we've created all the video lessons, printables, courses and resources that you'll need to teach music effectively without having to go anywhere else.

Each school receives one main account and any additional accounts can be purchased for teachers.

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