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FableNotesBeautifully Illustrated Music Books at FableNotes©

What is FableNotes©?
Some kids just need specific instructions to know where and how to look at music, but it’s not often taught, it’s just expected. FableNotes teaches the spatial relationships of notes with simple verbal descriptions and offers multi-sensory learning materials to support learning to capture all seven learning styles.

Here Come the High Notes is an illustrated hardcover book about how the notes chose their spots among the treble clef lines. With 13 characters and rhyming text, sheet music becomes an unforgettable musical world. The books naturally introduce music concepts and vocabulary bit by bit and use mnemonics and recaps built into the story to reinforce learning effortlessly.

The author, Marin Marka, MS, OTR/L is a board certified pediatric occupational therapist with over a decade of experience as a music teacher. She’s been adapting piano lessons to include children with disabilities for 7 years and has a passion for making music accessible for all.

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