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Baby Shark Piano Notes

I think it’s safe to say that Baby Shark has officially taken the world by storm. It’s like Sharknado meets pre-school! I don’t think any of us saw the popularity of Baby Shark coming but it came nevertheless. The interesting thing is that I knew of a few different versions of the song before I heard the immensely popular one on Youtube by PinkFong, which currently stands at a mind blowing 2.5 Billion views! Yes, billions, with a “B.”

Who Wrote Baby Shark?

While the origins are up for debate, according to Wikipedia, it originated most likely as a campfire song or chant. It’s popularity however is much more current and even a dance version of “Baby Shark” was popularized online in a 2007 YouTube video named “Kleiner Hai” and published by Alexandra Müller, also known by her stage name alemuel.

It later exploded onto the pre-school scene by the South Korean education brand PinkFong in 2015 and the rest is Baby Shark history.

Color Me Mozart Baby Shark

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