Authors Night at Collegiate School

A wonderful evening of books

On Tuesday night, I had the privilege of being honored at Authors Night at Collegiate School in New York City. It is an event that they hold each year featuring alumni, faculty and parent authors. Had such a great time and got to meet some fantastic authors and to join a legacy at the school I so very much love teaching at.

The evening began with a private cocktail reception for the authors, including Christopher Atamian, Dan Elish, Cary McClelland, David Duchovny, Peter Blauner and Dan Wakin. The event was run wonderfully by Collegiate parents Diane Burstein and Sue Yi. They truly made me feel welcome and appreciated as an author and contributor to the evening.

Afterwards we proceded to the auditorium to listen to a panel of three of the authors for the night, Blauner, Duchovny and Wakin. It was illuminating to hear the stories behind their books and how they came up with their creative narratives for their stories. Since all of their books dealt with New York City life, it was something we could all identify with and at times, laugh with them.

Book Signing

After the panel, we proceeded to the auditorium where we had a book signing. There we met with many Collegiate parents who were there to meet the authors and talk with us about our projects. I was fortunate to be able to to share Color Me Mozart with many parents that loved music. They had the desire for their young children or nieces/nephews to learn music at a young age.

Many parents also knew of children with special needs that would benefit from having another tool for communication. It makes me so happy that this system has helped so many special needs children express themselves through music. The power of music and it's ability to communicate, inspire and express emotions is something we can all identify with.

It truly was a wonderful evening and I want to thank once again Diane Burstein and Sue Yi not only for allowing me to be a part of it but also for putting in so much work into making it such a special event every year.

~Adrian Edward

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