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Color Me Mozart™ was developed from years of working with thousands of children. Colors and shapes are retained in memory much quicker than many other educative and cognitive elements. Music, just like any other language, can be learned and mastered with early exposure and immersion.

This allows every child to have the opportunity to learn music and play an instrument.
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Our Story

Our Story At Color Me Mozart™, we have always been passionate about teaching piano and music to children, including providing music for the special needs community. Music is a language …

Music for Autism and Other Special Needs

Teachers & Schools Purchase Course Music in a Special Needs Classroom A New Voice for Children with Special Needs A main goal at Color Me Mozart™ is to provide music …

Baby Shark Piano Notes

Baby Shark Piano Notes

Teachers & Schools Purchase Course Songs & Singalongs Baby Shark Piano Notes I think it’s safe to say that Baby Shark has officially taken the world by storm. It’s like …

Learn songs like Baby Shark!

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