NEW! Color Me Mozart™ Xylophone Musical Toy/Instrument

  • Vibrant colors match directly to songs!
  • Perfectly tuned C Scale C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C
  • Includes music card with Baby Shark & Mary Had a Little Lamb Notes!


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The Color Me Mozart™ xylophone makes it super easy to play all the songs in the accompanying books. It is a perfectly tunes C-C xylophone crafted in metal and wood that sounds as good as it looks. It comes with a music card with Baby Shark and Mary Had a Little Lamb to get you and your child up and playing.

Click above on our songs tab for more songs to play and sing along with. Easily play classics like Los Pollitos and Old MacDonald as well as new favorites such as Baby Shark on the piano.

If you've been searching for an easy way to introduce music to your child or student and don't know where to begin, Color Me Mozart will make it easy for you. No prior music knowledge is needed and we make learning music easy and fun!

Pick up Book 1: Mozi Learns Music Here

How it Works

Children often learn shapes and colors together. Color Me Mozart™ has taken colors and shapes and created an easy to follow music learning system for your kids. Simply follow the colors and shapes and play songs. Additionally, they will learn actual music education. By playing and learning notes and musical concepts intuitively like children learn all language, music becomes a natural learning experience.

The best part is that you can learn together with your kids. You do not need prior music experience to learn or teach this system. It flows naturally from one lesson into the other. Learning music should be fun and we've created the perfect system to bring music into your home.

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